The inn

Enjoy the Brazilian countryside with us - and help preserving nature at the same time

In a pleasantly cooler climate, at  800 meters above sea level, yet only  97 km from tropical Recife, you will find our Ecolodge Sempre Verde, where you can enjoy:

    * Treks through beautiful stretches of Highland Atlantic Rainforest and areas of agriculture
    * Horse trekking through rural communities and extensive pastures
    * Panoramic views of the surrounding countryside
    * Baths in rivers, waterfall and semi natural freshwater pools
    * Visits to peasant farmers (ecological and conventional small-holdings)
    * Visits to environment and social projects
    * Experience with genuine handicraft
    * Renewable energy and ecological technology
    * Organic, ecological and local food-products
    * Traditional tropical cooking and healthy food
    * Mild tropical climate with warm days and cold nights
    * Drinking water from natural springs
    * Accommodation in a familiar small ecolodge
    * Environmental volunteering for longer stays for a lower price

To satisfy all tastes, we offer a choice of styles of accommodation, each with its own natural environment. Programs range from two to 14 days, with half or full-day leisure activities, to enjoy nature and/or local organic smallholdings. Ecological awareness is a focus of all our activities.

Being our guest means that you help us to continue the environment work in this region!

We can also provide contacts within Pernambuco to help our guests organize their trips after leaving us.

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