For ever green

Sempre Verde Ecolodge runs by a Swedish-Brazilian family, which members love nature. The name Sempre Verde means always green, and that is what we want to do, keep this place, this region and our planet green for ever.

Ever since 1995, we have been involved in community work aimed at nature conservation and sustainable development in the highland region around Gravatá, Pernambuco. We preserve 20 ha of Highland Atlantic forest and cooperate with others to do the same. We use solar energy (and conventional energy), windmills, rainwater harvesting and separation of household waste. Our drinking water comes from a spring and a well, we maintain organic vegetable garden, an ecological banana plantation, produce free-range eggs and ecological coffee.

Our priority is the conservation of the forests, the reforestation as well as plantation of fruit trees and ornamental species in the city. The warmer local climate the population has been noticed in the last 30 years or more, could only be neutralized by restoring the tree vegetation in its former condition.

Though it would be impossible to do that, at least we could make it better, by planting more trees. Yes, we can! All the services provided by Sempre Verde Ecolodge are founded on the principles of Eco-Tourism, respecting and conserving our natural and cultural heritages, while promoting the well-being of the local population.


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